Custom Built Mud Pits

Are available from Welltech Products and can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Mud rotary drilling operations typically require the ability to re-circulate drilling fluids to conserve water use & help settle out "cuttings" for alternate disposal. The ability to collar the bore hole at the surface assures that most, if not all of the "return" is captured "above ground" & can provide the drilling crew with extremely valuable "down-hole" data regarding the various formation types being encountered as part of the drilling process. We also understand that the "business end" of every drill rig is not configured the same way, nor are drill sites identical - one from the other. Drillers also have specific preferences' in how their "mud pans" are constructed including height, width, length, baffle configuration & over the road storage methods. We have the "in-house" engineering & fabrication ability to complete your requirements on time & on budget while also accommodating your specific design requests. CONTACT WELLTECH PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CUSTOM BUILT MUD PIT TODAY!