WellTech Products, Inc. is a full-service metal welding, fabricating, and machining facility based in Eastern PA.


Our team use quality materials and metals to ensure a finely welded metal work to bring your designs to reality.


WellTech Products, Inc. manufacturers of top quality products for environmental, geotechnical, and ground engineering construction.

Welcome to WellTech Products

We are Pennsylvania's fastest growing manufacturer and fabricator of Environmental, Transportation, Heating, Geotechnical, and Ground Engineering and Construction products. WellTech Products are custom made to meet the needs of each specific application and market. WellTech is a full service operation that fabricates, machines, blasts, paints, assembles, tests and ships your engineered equipment. American Made and built to last.

All of WellTech's products are built to perfection with the highest quality parts and materials. In addition to our unsurpassed service, our quality control ensures that you receive only the best product from us.

WellTech Products is service based and our sales team will work to meet your needs whether you require one of our standard products or if you have a custom application.